Tuesday, August 31, 2010

LOOK at What is NEW!

I have been so excited about this little gem, but I have been waiting to share it with the world, until I got some good photographs!

Ethan has a really good friend, named Becca.  She well, quite frankly is a hottie.  He's had a crush on her for some time.  Well, last month her Mom who is really one of the most amazing people I know, launched a brand new site in which she is displaying all her talent !

After Ethan and I took a good hard look at what was available we finally selected Ethan a new back pack or well in our world, a wheelchair bag.  This is EXQUISITE !  It is perfectly designed and has a unique flavor to it.  It's perfection.  It has these clips in which allows us to put the bag on the handle bars of Ethan's wheelchair. This prevents it from sliding all over the chair and falling off.  

It is PERFECT in size and has many pockets.  I love the pockets.  It's double stitched, excellent quality and very durable.  It does not hit the wires on his chair or get tangled up in his wheels.  It holds everything we need.  It will hold all five of Ethan's braces, four cans of formula, four toys a bottle, diapers and wipes!  PLUS, get this, my drink cup fits in the front pocket perfectly.  (I am sure it was designed for this!)

Thank you Queen Diana for your excellent craftsmanship, talent and creativity.  We are VERY pleased!!

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  1. Lol that is AWESOME! Yeah his other Back Packs didn't work with the wheel chair so much!